"My husband Carl and I have known Barry for many years not only as a friend but also as a dog trainer. We have a Cairn Terrier, Lucy, who Barry has guided over the years with different issues. Terriers are wonderful smart dogs that are quick to learn but need a firm yet gentle hand and that is what Barry has provided. Lucy has been in many a photo shoot and we accredit her “fame” not only to her winning personality but also Barry’s guidance. Thank you Barry! "
-Barb G.

"We were sitting outside our house with our puppy when Barry walked down the street -- our puppy took to him instantly. He has a true gift with dogs, which was apparent even from our brief interaction on the street - we called him just a few days later for consultation and some training. Barry helped tremendously getting acclimated to having a puppy in the house, and gave us specific useful instructions about the training of our young (very rambunctious and stubborn) puppy."

"Barry has been a big help as we take on the challenge of living with two brand new puppies in a high-rise apartment building. He offers sound advice and coaching for us humans, revealing some of our bad habits and helping us shape the lives that we want to have with our dogs. It's great to have someone who speaks from years of experience and can help us filter through the cloud of anecdotes and dated conventional wisdom on how to raise dogs."