Dogs - like people - are products of both nature and nurture. To every situation they bring their heredity, personal history, personality, and perspective. Because all of that is canine not human, dogs need our help to successfully adapt to our human-centric environments.

Dog Star specializes in facilitating those “Should we get a dog?” conversations with you, your family, and anyone else who might be important to that process. We assist in “search and rescue” as well as breed selection and working with breeders. Dog Star will be your resource from the moment you think of getting a dog through all the life stages you, your family, and your dog go through.

We’ll work with you and your family in the places you live with your dog: your home, the park, the ‘hood, etc. Our focus is on creating the relationships you want your dog to have with all of the places and creatures in your life.

Dogs communicate frequently and in diverse ways so it helps to understand their messages. Once you get the hang of it (“Aha” moments are likely) you’ll be much more able to achieve the goals you choose (and not need Dog Star any longer!).