With Dog Star your success is the result of our simple equation:

   25 years as a clinical therapist and life choice mentor
+25 years training dog owners and dogs
= A wealth of experience with and information about humans
and the dogs who love them


Nag long enough and your parents will agree to almost anything. I can hear Dad’s exasperated voice uttering those magic words: “We’ll get a dog when we move to the suburbs.”

True to his word, when we moved to the ‘burbs, Dad brought home Bagel the Beagle. Oh how we loved that little critter. Just not enough to walk, feed, train or clean up after her. We left that for Mom and Dad.

I came home one summer day and Bagel was gone. “We took her to live on a farm,” said Dad. I was heartbroken.

My affinity for dogs returned in my 20s, when I met my then-girlfriend's 165-pound Great Dane lapdog. Everyone said he wasn’t too smart, but he listened to me. After that came a series of dogs (and yes, girlfriends!) and I started working with them – the dogs, that is. I had much more success with them, until I met my amazing wife!

For over 20 years, I've worked with friends’ dogs, friends of friends’ dogs, my own dogs, and some excellent, creative instructors and mentors. One of those folks asked me about my day job. I replied that I'd rather be doing what he did. He asked what was stopping me…. Dog Star was born.

The Dog Star philosophy is simple: People need training because dogs will learn what we teach them, intentionally or accidentally. We just need to make the right choices based on an understanding of canine behavior and comprehension, and love; everyone will be happy.